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Five subjects, get them and give them.

The rules are: Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

From my dear dimpled friend Peter, I got:

Skilled fingers: Why thank you ever so, honey. Yes, it's true, fingers that know how to tickle the ivories can tickle allllllll sorts of other things too.

Music: Oh em gee, what to say about something that's been my passion since I was like four? I actually got curious about piano specifically when Jared was taking lessons and I wanted to do what big bro was doing. And then I got all frustrated when I tried it on my own because, y'know, little hands. I couldn't make my fingers do what I saw his doing because they just wouldn't reach. So Jared actually took the time to show me some simpler beginner pieces, and I worked my way up.

Waif: Okay, first off, I swear to you that I am NOT anorexic or bulemic or any other such godawful thing. I eat, you've seen me. I think I get my metabolism from my gramma on my dad's side, tiny little asian woman that she is. There have been times that I've wanted a softer, curvier shape more like my mom's, but hey, this is me. I like me.

Cuddles: Mmmmmm, cuddles. We are a tactile species, we human beings, and we need physical contact with each other. Cuddles and sex the best kinds of contact, imnsho. Cuddles with sex are even better. And cuddles and sex with you, mon cuddlebuddy, are always EX-cellent.

Laughter: Something else we Homo sapiens need, and babe, I always laugh so hard and have so much fun with you. But maybe we can leave out the part where the root beer goes up the nose, just sayin'.